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The Crab Place

The Crab Place provides preparation tips, facts and recipes for your fresh seafood choices. They have much more than crab too. They carry most any kind of seafood as well as cookbooks.

Domestic crab is a healthy, eco-friendly food choice. Shop The Crab Place for fresh and steamed Maryland crab. CrabPlace.com is committed to the environment and the Chesapeake Bay. They only sell domestic crab products, ensuring the highest quality, eco-friendly seafood. Crab meat from The Crab Place is high protein and virtually fat free. Just three ounces of crab meat contains a full day’s supply of vitamin B12.

Blue crab mature and reproduce very quickly and are caught in eco-friendly traps with very minimal damage to ocean and bay habitats. You can order Maryland Blue Crabs steamed or live. They arrive with light, medium, heavy or no seasoning and can be eaten cold or reheated. The Crab Place ships live crabs directly from the water and they include a package of their very own special blend of mild seafood seasoning.

The Crab Place

Angelina's of Maryland
100% Domestic Blue Crab

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