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Jenelle's Mexican Pinto Beans


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Jenelle's Mexican Pinto Beans Text Only

Courtesy of our free Healthy Crockpot Recipes Newsletter


Preparation Instructions:

The night before rinse 2-3 cups of pinto beans (or any beans), removing any stones you find. Put them in your crockpot with seven cups of water. Put the crockpot on low and go to bed.

The next morning add the remaining ingredients. Do not add these ingredients the night before because the beans soften better when they're on their on in the crock pot.

I also add more water if needed, maybe another 3 cups. I continue to cook on low until we have lunch at 2:30.

The beans are usually done by noon, though, and I taste the seasoning then to see if more is needed.

A way to make them like refried beans but keep them healthy is once they are cooked, drain them, saving the liquid, then put them in the blender with a little of the liquid, adding only as much liquid as needed to puree them.

You can also do the same thing by putting them in a mixing bowl and using your electric mixer.

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