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Grandmother's Date Nut Cake


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Grandmother's Date Nut Cake Text Only


Preparation Instructions:

Preheat oven to 300F

Mix buttermilk and soda and set aside

Sift dry ingredients together in one bowl.

Cream eggs, sugar, and oil together in bigger bowl. Add dates and walnuts to creamed mixture.

Add dry ingredients alternating with buttermilk mixture. Beat well with mixer between additions. My grandmother always said that I couldn't beat a cake too much. Believe me, the 2 or 3 minutes on the back of a cake mix didn't mean a thing to Grandma.

Bake in an angelfood or bundt cake pan in the preheated oven for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

This is still my favorite holiday cake. It really means family, love, and togetherness to me.

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