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Fresh Thai Rolls


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Fresh Thai Rolls Text Only

Courtesy of our free Vegetarian Recipes Newsletter


Preparation Instructions:

Chop all of the vegetables, and toss in a mixing bowl. Boil water in a pan at least the width of the spring roll skins. Submerge each skin in the boiling water for a count of 5, then roll each one as you go. (They want to stick together like glue.)

Gently take the skin out of the water. Run the skin under cold water for a few seconds, so handling is easier. Wet a plate, and spread out the spring roll skin on it.

Place the filling on the skin, making a line on the edge closest to you.

Roll it up, folding in the left and right corners (like burrito).

Continue with the rest. This is a great way to use any fresh produce you may have in the fridge.

Here are some dipping sauce ideas:



Warm until sugar dissolves, whisk and chill. You can add hot sauce or pepper flakes if desired.

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