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Thalia’s Mom’s Hot Borscht


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Thalia’s Mom’s Hot Borscht Text Only

Courtesy of our free Vegetarian Recipes Newsletter


Preparation Instructions:

Peel Beets. (This may make your hands pink so wear gloves if that worries you.) Dice raw beets, add to water, enough to cover and be about 4 times their volume.

Lightly sautee onions, carrot and parsnip in pan with cabbage and dill.

Let sauteed vegetables sit while you cut up the carefully washed beet greens (they can get sandy, like spinach) into tiny bits. Add them at the last minute to the sauteed vegetables, stirring as they immediately wilt.

Add vegetable mix to beets in water. Add salt and pepper to taste. The water should cover all the vegetables you have added.

Cook over low heat for at least two hours til beets have gotten tender, the water has gotten VERY pink and all the veggies are cooked and very soft.

Serve hot... folks may wish to add vinegar to the pot or to the individual servings. If adding to the pot, start out slowly -- 1/4 cup at a time to taste. When you like the taste, stop.

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